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Fake News Challenge – International Edition

28 May 2024, 15:00 EEST

Live streaming of the event via the Facebook page of the Eurocomunicare Association


8 teams of 2-3 students each - fake news detectives
2 teams per country: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina


You will do a pilot-test of a new and improved fact-checking methodology proposed in the project “Disinfo Academy”.
More precisely: Find a claim verified by a fact-checking organization, analyze it critically, and re-write the respective piece of fact-checking based on the suggested methodology. Don’t worry, you will have a practical Handbook to guide you. You will tailor the content for dissemination in digital environment and make it interesting for young audiences.
Please note that the materials & your presentation during the live event will be delivered in English.
Put your fact-check into one of the following digital formats:
• Infographic
• Brochure/ leaflet
• Short animation
• Short video
You will present your solution during a live online event, and a jury of international experts will decide the winners. We have cool prizes for the best teams!


April 29 - May 12 – Registration form here
May 13 - Registered teams receive a detailed competition brief and The fact checker’s guide to debunking disinformation narratives
May 22 - All candidate teams submit their work for the preselection
May 23-24 - National preselection (based on your submitted work). Two teams per country will enter the live event.
May 27 - Pre-selection results are announced
May 28 - 3 PM EEST: Fake News Challenge live online event

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Start date: 01.09.2022 | End date: 30.04.2025

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