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Case study: Artificial Intelligence -  Opportunity, Danger or Both?

AI: Opportunity, Danger or Both?

Recommended for: 16 year old students or older

Available building blocks: 4

Tags: artificial intelligence, technology, robots, fake news

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Introduction to why AI is important to the learners lives being taught. Introduce basic concepts and an overview of the influence it has on their lives.

Deeper dive into the technology behind AI. Investigate some of the features that make AI effective and possible future directions.

Look at and discuss some of the ways that AI is causing harm to us; either directly or indirectly. Investigate the underlying causes to understand why.

Investigate and discuss what we can do to understand and better control the effects of AI on our lives. What might the future hold for us and why?


You have selected a topic from the Disinformation Games area. Please be advised that this area hosts, or links to, resources that contain misinformation or disinformation. The presence of such materials is to assist in developing and sustaining skills for navigating and detecting disinformation. To achieve this goal – and with clear intent – none of the materials are explicitly marked as true or not true.