De Facto C3 Training, Sofia, 9-13 March 2020

Contacts when in Sofia

De Facto C3 Training will be held at 'Oborishte' Conference hall of Hotel Light


You may download the DeFacto C3-Agenda. There may be changes between now and the start of the workshop, so please do not print it unnecessarily.


Please make sure you bring your personal De Facto Cognitve Imprints Cards Set! There will be some replacement sets available, but participants should use their own package.

Your accommodation

These are our suggestions for accommodation close to the training venue:

Hotel Light
Hotel Light is located in the central part of the city with pedestrian access to all that you may needThis is your C3 training venue, so it will be the most convenient solution.

The hotel offers preferential rates for De Facto per night including breakfast: Single room - 35 EUR; Double room - 42 EUR
You are free to make alternative accommodation choice, of course. In case you decide to go with this hotel, please send a mail to NTCenter and we will will make sure your reservation request is passed to the hotel. You will then pay directly at the reception on arrival or at checkout.

Arte hotel 
ARTE Hotel is right in the heart of the city within a walking distance to all major governmental buildings, museums, galleries and concert halls.

Hotel Sveta Sofia
Hotel Sveta Sofia is located on one of the most famous shopping streets in the center of Sofia and situated in a very communicative place and is only 5 minutes away from Serdika metro station.

Your hosts 

Andy: FB messenger or Viber/WhatsApp @ +359 888680408
Geri: FB messenger or Viber @ +359 897933175
Milena: FB messenger or Viber/WhatsApp @ +359 888655411
Tedy: FB messenger or Viber/WhatsApp @ +359 899891262

Public transport

Public transport is quite efficient. One ride on any type (metro, tram, trolley, bus) costs 1.60 lev (0.80 EUR). You can buy tickets from a machine using coins in the vehicle, from the driver, or at numerous ticket points. Metro tickets are only bought at machines or cashier desks at stations and must be validated at gates no more than 30 mins from the purchase time (do not stack up on tickets, makes no sense). You can also get an e-pass with multiple rides loaded on it, but your location is very central and we don’t expect you to need to use a lot of public transport.

For directions using public transport in Sofia, Google Maps/Directions is a very accurate tool, and you can also use the Moovit app. All stops are equipped with real-time displays. 

Money matters

The local currency (BGN) is called lev (plural: leva). It has a fixed exchange rate to the EUR of 1.95583 BGN for 1 EUR, unchanged since 1997. This makes life easier, as you can simply divide the local prices by two and get the value in EUR.  Banks do have slight variations in their rates, as the fixed one is for the Central Bank, but they are insignificant, really.

Note that 1 and 2 leva coins are very similar in size and shape to the 1 and 2 Euro coins, so keep them in separate pockets 🙂

You can use any bank or ATM to get local currency. If you use a change bureau, make sure you read carefully the exchange rate displayed and the conditions. DO AVOID the exchange bureau at the arrivals’ luggage hall, the exchange rate there is not recommended.

All major credit/debit cards are accepted in almost all stores/restaurants. Some restaurants would also accept cash payments in EUR, but do inquire first.


Taxis are an inexpensive way of getting around in the city, though be prepared for some heavy traffic, espcially during rush hours. The cost per km is typically 0.80 – 0.90 leva (0.40 – 0.45 EUR). As an example, the ride from the airport to the hotel is around 13 km and takes about 30 mins in average traffic. It is best to preorder taxis, as there are still a few, circling around the busy tourist areas, which would try tricks in displaying the per km cost and rip customers. All taxis are yellow, easily recognisable in the traffic or at stands.

Sofia Airport to city center by metro

Take the metro (Line 1) from Sofia airport to the center. One way ticket is 1,60 leva (0,80 euro). The metro station is right outside of Terminal 2, which is the main terminal at Sofia Airport (follow the metro signage on the floor in the arrivals hall, it will take you there). Terminal 1 is the low-cost terminal and it is not within walking distance to T2. There is a free transfer bus between Terminal 1 and 2 which runs every 30 minutes between the terminals. From T2 you can take the metro all the way to Serdika station, where you can also transfer to Line 2.

Sofia Airport to the city center by bus

If you want you can take the bus from Sofia airport. Two buses connect Sofia airport (stops at both T1 and T2) to the city center: the 84 and 184, which goes to General Gurko Street in the center, also making stops at Orlov Most and Sofia University along the way.

Sofia Airport to the city center by taxi

If you prefer to use the taxi you will pay about 15-18 leva to get to the center during the day; at night when the fares are slightly higher, you will pay about 20-22 leva. That’s 10-11 Euro for an easy, hassle-free ride door to door. All taxis are equipped with digital meters and must print a fiscal receipt for the client at the end of the journey. The taxi stand is just outside the arrivals hall, there's plenty of signage to guide you there. Do not pick taxi at other locations, use the official stand!