Deep & other fakes

Category description

Tools used to produce deep fakes and other fake info items which are close to indiscernible from real

Social media fakes

Category description

Tools used to produce fake items which have the format and looks of existing platforms

TV screens and newspapers facsimiles fakes

Category description

Tools used to produce fake TV screeshots and newspaper articles/facsimiles

Complex tools for bias and bot detection

Category description

Main media bias charts and Twitter-based assessment of bot activity 

Image and video source and manipulation detection

Category description

Tools to extract info from images and videos and to detect possible manipulation

Fact checkers

Category description

Fact-checking websites and organisations which regularly monitor and verify claims

Meme generators & tools

Category description

Meme generators and meme repositories with historical usage and background

Link sharing, spread and reach

Category description

Tools to detect the extent and pattern of link sharing and dissemination of specific information items

De Facto Disinformation Toolmap

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Practical stuff, please!

Based on the survey, we made a short and practical summary of recommendations for teachers with regard to their learning assignments.

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Test area...

Do you know what information mean?

Info Circle

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Free online meme generators:


The fake news generator (with a small collection of examples)


TV news channel screenshot simulation/generator


Generate newspaper-style facsimile


Chrome browser extension: CrowdTangle Link Checker (check URL sharing)


Chrome browser extension: InVID (We Verify toolkit)



Another InVID information analysis dashboard based on weblyzard (see other weblyzard solutions)


Plagiarism checker


Photo location viewer (all EXIF data)


Internet Memes Database


TruthNest (Running analytics on Twitter accounts - bot-like/human-like)



Twitter (tweets, messages), FB (posts, chats), Instagram generators:


'Fake a baby' website (fake echography and more, for pranks):


AI generated faces:


Get an idea of media bias (“prototypical” news media):


Visualise the spread of claims (use 'Impeachment Poll: Majority Oppose Convicting, Removing Trump')


Interactive media bias chart


Comprehensive media bias collection


Fact-checkers - see De Facto website


An online simulation of disinformation (create and spread, gain influence)


Internet Archive (make an archive copy of an URL to be accessed even if the page content changes or disappears later)