Our collection of tools

Explore a selection of digital tools and apps for creating or verifying content, as well as our Eggshell model, cognitive imprints cards, and disinformation production kit

  • eggshell-en

    Eggshell Model: establishing information credibility

    De Facto's Eggshell Model for information credibility: structural, analytical and practical aspects

  • cards-set-facsimile

    De Facto Cognitive Imprints Cards set

    Digital copy of the cognitive imprints cards set of 1 map + 8 double-sided cards

  • defacto-logo-1200px

    Disinformation production kit

    A practical kit with guidelines on creating disinformation for use in class

  • defacto-logo-1200px

    DeFacto: Factification Game online

    Test yourself and see how good you are in recognising disinformation online

  • defacto-logo-1200px

    IO2-B. De Facto Board game

    Test yourself and see how good you are in recognising misinformation via De Facto Board Game

External tools

List of fact-checking websites/organisations
Wikipedia page with a comprehensive list of fact-checkers by country

Reporters Lab
The Duke University's Reporters Lab database of fack-checking websites

Factchecking Platforms |

Google Fact Check Explorer
Google aggregation service providing fact-checked search results from multiple sources

Google Fact-check Markup Tool
The tool provides an easy-to-use interface for researchers, journalists and other who contribute with fact-checking for various organisations; the Markup Tool is an instrument allowing fack-checking content to be 'highlighted' so that it can then be served to Google search engine users

The Full Fact Toolkit
A comprenesive collection of  fact-checking verification algorithms by type of media

Internet Memes Database
Background checks on memes

Visualise the spread of claims on Twitter

Running analytics on Twitter accounts - bot-like/human-like

Photo location viewer (all EXIF data)

Interactive media bias chart

Photo location viewer (all EXIF data)

Media bias fact-check
A comprehensive media bias collection

Who Wrote This?
An interactive investigative tool allowing comparisons in media coverage of same events or fact, revealing media bias and providing insights into 'prototypical' news media

Plagiarism checker
An online tool to detect plagiarism

Bad News
An online gamified simulation of disinformation (create and spread, gain influence)

The Internet Archive
Make an archive copy of an URL to be accessed even if the page content changes or disappears later

InVID information analysis dashboard
Another InVID information analysis dashboard based on weblyzard (see other weblyzard solutions)

Chrome browser extension: InVID
Chrome browser extension: InVID (We Verify toolkit)

Chrome browser extension: CrowdTangle Link Checker
Use the CrowdTangle Link Checker plugin to check URL sharing