Other Initiatives and Platforms

Projects and initiatives whose research or development work is related to our work here at De Facto. It is important to us to acknowledge the great work of colleagues around the globe who explore and design solutions.


First Draft is a project originally started by Dr Claire Wardle and is now part of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center. De Facto is partly based on the work of Dr Wardle.


Kialo is a social platform which attempts to re-design the social debate. Discussions can be mapped using the pros and cons provided by the participants. Kialo allows you to see the discussion tree through the eyes of other participants, opponents, or groups, to better understand their way of thinking. Kialo helps de-clutter the discussion and focus on arguments, rather than emotions and wording.


DROG - The resistance to bad news - is an initative by Ruurd Oosterwoud which has developed an online game where anyone can become a fake news master. A simulated environment with convenient metrics allows users to get into the mindset of creators and distribuitors of disinformation.


Full Fact is the UK’s independent factchecking charity. The webpage includes a toolkit of practical tools which can be used to identify misinformation. Funded through donations.