Practical cooperation with EU Disinfo Observatory to start soon

During a short practical webinar held on July 10th by memebers of the European Observatory Against Disinformation (SOMA), the NTCenter’s teamĀ  who attended the digital event had the opportunity to present to SOMA members the unique De Facto approach. As SOMA is focused on digital tools faciltating fact-checking and tracking of disinformation, we agreed that in the next few weeks we will hold an experiment where NTCenter will initiate an investigative collection (the name used for groupings of disinformation on the same subject and part of same or similar campaign) where SOMA mebers will use their tools for research and investigation on information items, and we will add to this a revellation of the cognitie layer employed in these disinformation and manipulation attempts. Our suggestion was greeted with interesed and decared support and we are looking forward to this collabortion!