Еmpower and inspire educators and students

De Facto is a not simply an international project on disinformation in educational context. It is a game-changer, triggering a powerful shift in the mindset of those who think education as a vibrant and evolving ecosystem of multitudinous actors and intertwisted relations. De Facto’s impressive framework, based on cognitive science, combined with the practical and adaptable set of tools, are meant to empower and inspire educators and students alike in the more-than-ever compelling fight against mis- and disinformation.

To be a De Facto team member is an ultimate honour and privilege, which oblige me to spread and share the knowledge and skills gained in the process of elaborating the project’s intricate intellectual outputs. De Facto is a model of research design that brings closer science and education, of applicable and viable results and on top of all – of beautiful communication that gives the ultimate touch of meaning to any human activity. Thank you, ALL!