7 Days

De Facto goes public in front of educators from 7 countries in just 7 days from now! On January 27, teachers and trainers from seven EU countries meet in Ghent, Belgium, to witness the first ever De Facto training session and workshops. This will be the culmination of years of hard work on development and preparations, but it is in no way a final destination. Rather, it is the first step of an entire new stage during which we will be giving presentations and workshops on how education and training can survive in a world of misinformation and disinformation. But, probably most imprtantly, we will be listening to the feedback by the professional community and everyone with a stake in the teacher-learner communication, the learning process and a whole array of public communication contexts.

We are binding together neuroscience, cognitive science, cognitive linguistics and the best in teaching strategies to suggest a working solution and some powerful tools in the fight against disinformation. Starting at the end of January and all the way through the beginning of April, we are staging 4 international training weeks, all fully booked. As soon as they are over, we will be offering our know how not just to the professional audience, but to the wider public. We may, initially, struggle with the scale of this initiative, but we will be gradually increasing the number of countries and locations where presentations and workshops will be available.

In addition, we will make every effort to communicate more frequently and start drafting articles on the many aspects of our unconventional approach and on the variety of its applications. So feel free to follow us on FB or join our growing community directly from there – this is how you can stay on top of what’s coming. And, as excited we are about this new stage, we know it won’t be easy to accommodate the interest towards our work. It is a priviledge for us to be dedicated to a case of such profound meaning and consequence. Do come and join us. Do tell others. We can do this together. And we must.