Progress check: survey on learning assignment practices gaining traction

Our De Facto surveys on the learning assignment practices are getting traction now. The survey which is oriented towards educators has 536 respondents so far, and the survey which explores the learners’ side of this learning activity has collected 1239 responses (both numbers as of today).

We are soon to start processing the available data for a first overview of how often teachers use assignments in their practice, what are their typical requirements, what are the specific requirements and process regarding the use of information sources, how important is it to the educators that learners work with accurate information, how do learners approach their assignments, do they verify their sources, what are the most typical types of information used by them. We are also interested to measure the gap between the expected benefits from learning assignments that the teachers have, and the perceived value of these activities from the learners’ viewpoint.

If you still haven’t had the chance to fill a survey yourself, as an educator or adult learner (16+), you may do so here:

We will make several snapshots of the data throughout 2019 and will publish the most interesting findings.

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