Progress on case studies and other outputs

During an intensive 2-day work meeting, with all De Facto partners having gathered on September 5-6 in Palermo, Sicily, we reviewed the progress on the key outputs of the project. Reports indicate that the challenging timetable is being successfully followed and that a total of 8 thematic case studies are nearing completion. With each case study containing an average of 5-6 bulding blocks, we will be proposing to the educators across Europe an impressive collection of over 40 fully-developed packages for training interventions containing source materials, suggested methods, instructions, props.

As much as this journey has been remarkable for its spirit of cooperation and commitment, we are all eagerly preparing for the series of trainings we will offer to educators from the participating countries, starting at the end of January 2020 with week-long workshops in Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland. There will be a total of 42 trainees at the basic level (using De Facto educational products) and  28 trainees at the advanced level (creation/co-creation of educational products focused on disinformation).