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Oglejte si analize in poročila, sodelujte v aktualnih anketah in si preberite povratne informacije tistih, ki so delali s pomočjo De Facto orodij.

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    Ankete za izobraževalce in udeležence

    Rezultati raziskave iz leta 2019 v okviru projekta De Facto o praksah izobraževalcev in udeležencev pri delu z informacijami

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    Povzetek praktičnih priporočil za izobraževalce

    Praktična priporočila in nasveti iz študije De Facto 2019

DeFacto has shown me how we can be mislead with different information

Our everday life is floded with various information and I believe it affects our personal and work life. DeFacto project has shown me how we can be mislead with different information. And most importantly I realized that with DeFacto I gained a lot of experience about transfering information and started being more

Barbara Majhen
Professor of slovene language

An open mind and a critical eye

Thanks to the De Facto project I better understood the negative impact that misinformation and disinformation can have on students, but not only. It takes an open mind and a critical eye to produce a good text and not to be deceived by false information, whether intentional or

Elisabetta Briguglio
Project Manager of UE projects for New service

I had to put myself on the edge of the AI research on fake news

De Facto was a challenge for me both as a researcher and an educator. I had to put myself on the edge of the AI research on fake news, and this was a multiplier for my own activity. I had also the opportunity to reflect on fake news and the education process in the meanwhile.

Roberto Pirrone
Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

А great challenge that turned out to be a great teacher

De Facto was a great challenge that turned out to be a great teacher. It made me change the way I process information. Now I am better prepared to evaluate the available online information when I form an opinion on different topics and more cautious in (re)sharing content on social

Theodora Dimitrova
Project manager & Adult education administrator

I realised that there are no ‘random’ choices

Working on De Facto made me more sensitive to everything I read. More attentive to what I share and more motivated to share my experience – with family, friends and people I meet in life. I realised that there are no ‘random’ choices, that everything we are attracted to, or ignore, has an explanation in

Gergana Pencheva
Project manager & Education administrator

A remarkable professional journey

De Facto was a unique project, and at so many levels. It had a steep, yet exciting learning curve and it changed my entire perspective in working with information, forming opinions, presenting arguments and debating. I am now more aware, inquisitive, understanding and responsible – from getting informed, to forming opinions and expressing them. This

Andy Stoycheff
Project initiator & Chief innovator

I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies

Before participating in the project I didn´t really know what to expect. However it was very interesting and valuable experience. It has helped me to understand the concept of misinformation, disinformation, fake news… – a real eye-opener. And Andy is such a wonderful presenter. I gained a lot of knowledge and practical strategies that will

Lenka Masna
MAXIMUM language agency
Czech Republic

Еmpower and inspire educators and students

De Facto is a not simply an international project on disinformation in educational context. It is a game-changer, triggering a powerful shift in the mindset of those who think education as a vibrant and evolving ecosystem of multitudinous actors and intertwisted relations. De Facto’s impressive framework, based on cognitive science, combined with the practical and

Milena Koleva-Zvancharova
Project manager & Research fellow

Fact or personal opinion

A huge number of electronic equipment providers in collaboration with social network sites create a various traps and manipulation tools which are (ab)used for misleading and influencing masses of people almost every day. De Facto training inspired me how to create a new approaches of teaching in classroom with the most vulnerable, »easy buying« and

Taja Klemenčič
Teacher of professional theoretical modules in economics

It is crucial that education systems will start teaching not only digital literacy but „information“ literacy

The number of information we are being exposed to everyday is incredible. Yet, how to be sure which ones are the trustworthy and which are the fake? The training showed plenty of fact-checking possibilities available to all of us but it is a pity that very few people know about them. So I believe it

Lucie Rose
Project Manager
Czech Republic