IO1-C. Extended content - type matrix

Let us recall (IO1-B. Major disinformation categories and content types) that for the purposes of our education-centric study, we have classified disinformation in 3 categories:

  • False-context content (GREEN circle Ο)
  • Manipulated content (ORANGE circle Ο)
  • Fabricated content (RED circle Ο)

False-context content will have some truth in it, but placed in wrong context (overall corresponding to misinformation).

Manipulated and Fabricated content types will be partly and entirely separated from truth, with increasing distance from it.

We created a matrix where for each content type (IO1-A. 11 types of disinformation) we declare the primary motivation which triggers the creation or spreading of content.

Extended disinformation content types

Source of intent & probability of intent to mislead/harm (detail)

We identified a range of motivations which can lead to the creation of mis- and disinformation, and we placed them along a probability axis (low-moderate-high probability). This axis represents the intentionality of creating and spreading disinformation in order to mislead or inflict harm.

The motivations which fall in the high probability are those behind intentional and explicit manipulation and deception, and they are in many cases part of coordinated campaigns.

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