This is where we will publish and make available the new framework which we are developing, the full collection of our scripted case studies, useful and practical infographics, training resources and practical kits to be used by teachers in adult education and training.

Thank you for checking, downloading, and using these - they are made for you! And we'd love to hear back from you!

A list with detailed descriptions of the major disinformation types
The 3 top-level disinformation categories
The extended matrix with disinformation categories, types and motivation for harmful impact
The full-blown matrix extended with education-related layers and harm impact assessment
The physical units which are used to pass information, with an education-related perspective
De Facto's Eggshell Model for information credibility: structural, analytical and practical aspects
This is where we show you what each of the 11 disinformation types may look like!
This is a short overview of the current developments regarding the advances and challenges in creation of automatic detection algorithms

Case studies and games - area under construction!

Though this area is now open for development purposes, it cannot be considered a final product before all proof-reading and adjustments have taken place. Once this is done, the notice will be removed. Thank you for your understanding!